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Jennifer Marino Walters

Writer, reporter, blogger, editor

Parenting, family and lifestyle writer. News writer for major educational publisher. Children's book author. Mom blogger. Copywriter for non-profits and universities. Former Scholastic senior editor.

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Img article an open letter to the cool kid at school article

An Open Letter to the Cool Kid at School -

A reminder of the compassion all kids need at school today.

La hm affairs 20140524 001 article
Los Angeles Times

Battle of L.A. vs. NYC ends in a love match

An email battle over NYC vs. L.A. ends in a tie-the-knot

Cm ts 121313 hdr article

Buddy Bench

A Pennsylvania boy found a simple but powerful way to help kids at his school make friends.

Img article how my family is coping after our nannys death article

How My Family Is Coping After Our Nanny's Sudden Death -

We found the nanny of our dreams. Then one day, she was gone.

Admissions article

6 Common Myths About Early Decision — Debunked

For all of the benefits of early decision, there are some misconceptions about it that may make some students hesitant to apply this way. Here are six common myths about early decision, followed by the actual facts.

Melvin torres article

Disruption at the Gas Pump: Melvin Torres and ZwiftPay

Entrepreneurs of Bentley is an article series profiling the latest innovations and startups from the Bentley University community.

Cm ts 051216 hdr article

Big News for Bison

The bison is now the national mammal of the U.S.

Emirhan sahinoz article

Turkish Delights: Emirhan Sahinoz and Lezzet Co. Doner

Entrepreneurs of Bentley is an article series profiling the latest innovations and startups from the Bentley University community.

Cm ts 060816 hdr article

A Historic Victory

Hillary Clinton wins big to claim the Democratic
presidential nomination.

Feature 2 article

What Running a TEDx Event Taught Me

Bentley’s second TEDx event took place on Saturday, April 2, in the Adamian Academic Center’s Wilder Pavilion. TEDxBentleyU 2016 featured inspiring talks from 12 speakers, including five Bentley graduate students, one undergrad and several faculty/staff members.

Ecuador cover article

Building Bonds in Ecuador: How Students Combine Travel and ...

Sixteen Bentley University students traveled to Ecuador over Spring Break for an international service-learning experience.

Prepu why networking doesn't work article

Why Networking Doesn't Work | Bentley University

Learn how to improve your networking efforts to help you get a job or grow your connections.

Cm ts 062216 hdr article

Big Trouble for a Great Ape

The population of Grauer’s gorillas has been falling fast, putting these creatures in danger of extinction.

Cm ts 062316 hdr article

Exploring the Deep Sea

An expedition shines a light on the deepest spot in the ocean, the Mariana Trench.

Discounts multiples article
Baby Gizmo

Have Multiples? You Can Score Some Free Stuff! - Baby Gizmo ...

Many companies and stores offer discounts or freebies for multiples. Here are some of them.